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Could Robert Redford Actually be Normal?

My March/April issue of the AARP magazine arrived yesterday.  And, there, on the cover, smiling ever so slightly and directly at me was Robert Redford.  Strawberry blonde hair and all.  Talk about an upper! I never met the man personally.  … Continue reading

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The 54-Year-Old Intern

Okay,  I’ll admit I haven’t seen the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” in its entirety.  But, I get the gist of it.  And like Steve Carell in the role of Andy Stitzer, I’m doing something that some people can’t quite reconcile with my … Continue reading

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CALM Law Reason to Get Excited!

I couldn’t be happier!  Soon, I’ll be able to watch TV without my trigger finger nervously hovering over the volume control on the remote in anticipation of the decibel spike announcing the next commercial.  Yippee! Hats off to Rep. Anna … Continue reading

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Does your Rolling Stone Gather Moss?

Guest post by Kim White, It’s inevitable; as we get older we collect more stuff. But I’ve spent my adult life trying, and I think succeeding, in keeping my stone relatively moss-free. When I was eleven, my mom, aunt, … Continue reading

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Stop…Filter…Speak (or Not)

Do you: Create awkward situations by saying the wrong thing?  Start arguments by letting slip something you shouldn’t?  Give your opinion a little too much or a little too vociferously?   Then, boy, have I got three questions for you. The … Continue reading

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Down in the Mouth

My mouth has occasionally gotten me into trouble.  But I never thought it would lead to threatening emails…from my dentist! I recently received an email with photos of teeth that need to be attended to, as the email  ominously put … Continue reading

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Readers – Now You See ‘Em, Now You Don’t

With six pairs of readers and a small house, you’d think there would be a pair always within reach, right?  Well, let’s take inventory. One pair on my bedside table.  Ummmm. Yep, that’s the only pair I can find during … Continue reading

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