Contemplative moment

Welcome to my blog.    Yep, I’m 50-something and still finding my way.

This blog will focus on folks in their 50’s, but – obviously – anyone is invited to participate.  I just wanted to create a forum for us 50-something’s and older to ponder life, exchange advice and provide support.  But, I’m hoping that youngsters (49 and under) will add their insight, too. 

In any event, maybe we can make this an opportunity to help one another as we meet each of life’s challenges.




One Response to About

  1. Lynda Dunn says:

    Hey LP,

    You have been one busy lady! There seems to be a ton of stuff bottled up inside you that you now have time to put on paper, and what fun it is to read. Especially loved the store about the cabbage leaf hats. I can just picture it now.

    Your “contemplative moment” picture is a good one. It almost looks like you are in the mountains. Remember our trip to the Owl’s Nest?

    Will keep checking in to see what your latest thoughts are.

    The Other Lynda

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