Make a “Me” List for Grainy Days

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like your stuck in an old, grainy, black and white movie?  You’re just not your crisp, clear self.  Instead, you’re feeling down on yourself, like you’re just a shadow of who you thought you were.  Maybe you’ve struggled out of bed, sat down with your cup of tea or coffee, stared off into the other room or out the window and thought, “What have I accomplished?  What have I really…done?”

The thing is, each of us has accomplished a lot, achieved  a ton,  made a difference and completed a splendiferous amount of thing-ages which, at any given moment, we won’t recall, especially if we’re starring in “Pleasantville” with the organist playing the “what have I done lately” soundtrack on the stage.

One of the things that brings life back into focus for me is to keep a list – my favorite four-letter word.  On this list, I track all of my successes – large and small – for the year.  Yes, it’s a “me” list and everyone needs one.

If you don’t already have one, start it today.   Get out a pen now while your wheels are turning and you’re starting to remember all that good stuff you’ve done or that’s happened to you.  Put your name in big letters at the top of the paper and just start jotting anything and everything down that you can think of that made you feel good about you.  And, if it’s your first “me” list, don’t restrict yourself to just one year.  Go back in time a little bit.

Your list doesn’t need to be fancy.  You can dedicate a page in your journal, put a piece of paper under the donut magnet on the fridge, tuck a small pad of paper into your nightstand…whatever.  Just keep it handy and, from now on, every time you get that ‘dang, I am okay’ glow or sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something and doing it well, add that particular event, award, etc. to your list. 

This list exercise fits right in with those who set goals each year, but even if your goal setting is more haphazard than structured, it’s always good to know where you are and what you made, attained, received, conquered, etc.  And, remember, it’s your list.  You can put anything on it you want.  Nobody else has to see it.

Then, on those days when the your inner light is flickering and you’re looking gray around the edges, study that list and remember the glorious feeling that accompanied each of the items on it and know that this list and the feelings it evokes are a bright, luminous reflection of you.  Wallow in the light! 

Your list will remind you that, yep, you are just as great as you think you are.  THAT should put a little color and clarity back into your world! 


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8 Responses to Make a “Me” List for Grainy Days

  1. San says:

    One thing you can to your list is being a wonderful role model and mentor! San

  2. Kim says:

    This is an awesome suggestion! Especially for those of us who are child-free we can sometimes wonder what we’ve done with our lives.

    After I graduated art school I made a ‘me binder’ consisting of snapshots of my work, reviews, letters from professors, and scholarhip and award notices, to help remind myself that art was my rightful place. I have not thought about that binder for years until now. I think I’ll go find it and add some new pages! Thanks, Linda!

    • Linda Prior says:

      Kim, Yep, I know what you mean about the child-free thing.
      Love your binder idea – beats the heck out of a list! We SHOULD aim bigger You’re absolutely right! Linda

  3. Tisha says:

    I have frequent “grainy” days. Your advice to deal with those sound good and I will try them out. I will turn those “grainy” days into “sunshiny” days. 🙂

  4. Linda Prior says:

    Yo, Tish, You are one determined chick! If anyone can do it, you can. Nice to hear from you! Linda

  5. Helene Miller says:

    Glad to know of your blog. Today, I am feeling a little ‘grainy’ and am trying to decide which organization I should quit! I belong to six…I used to belong to 8 groups. Remember, I have no grandchildren, so I have kept busy with community. Now, I just want to read and stay cool! I feel like I have served my community, church, etc…faithfully and endlessly since 1996 when I retired from teaching….29 years at that. Now, is it too much to ask for peace and quiet? When may I really retire?? I think I am “stuck” in the heat today; tomorrow will be better I hope!

    • Linda Prior says:

      Hey, Helene,
      Thanks for the comment. Um, yep, sounds like you’ve given a lot to everyone else. I think it IS time to do something for yourself. No better time to start than today. Take care, Linda

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